Arrow Tag or Combat Archery is a new sport taking the world by storm. The game is a fusion of Archery, dodgeball and paintball (minus the mess). It is adrenaline pumping and action-packed involving the use of arrows and targets to build teamwork, communication and strategy creating memories you won't forget.

Number of player: From 8 to 12 players (16 players with 8 bunkers)

Field size: The size of a tennis court

Duration of a game: from 2 to 10 minutes

About the location: We can play indoor and outdoor, check our locations

How to play?

Here at Archery Action we recommend the elimination game.
The goal of this game is to tag players of the opponent team and shoot at the targets. Each game lasts around 5 to 10 minutes depending on the number of players. Multiple games are played allowing new teams and optional rest time.

The game starts with both team behind their line and will run to the "Safe Zone" at the end of the countdown given by our referee. Once in the "Safe Zone", each player can grab 2 arrows maximum before hiding behind a bunker and load their first arrow.

What is the "Safe Zone"?

The "Safe Zone" for Arrow Tag is located between both sides in the middle of the field and it will be marked by cones. All the arrows will be in this zone at the start of the game.
While in the Safe Zone, you cannot shoot at the others, but you can't be shot either.Also beware that if you stay in the Safe Zone for to long, our referee will give you a 10 seconds countdown for you to go back to your side.

2 ways to win!

Get your opposing team out

  • Hit an opponent with an arrow anywhere on the body, clothing or their bow.
  • Catch an arrow shot by an opposing player.

Shoot all five targets

  • Use archery arrow to shoot all five opposing team member’s targets .
  • As one of your arrow shots a target, you can call back a teamate into the field

Regain Team Members Who Are Out!

For team members who got out during the game, there are two ways to bring them back into play:

  • A teammate catches an opponent's arrow mid-air.
  • A teammate hits one of the 5-spot targets.               .


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